The Dye is Applied
The O'a dye is applied to the Upeti with a swab.

2nd Layer of Bark Cloth
A 2nd Layer of bark cloth is applied over the first layer.

Ele and Arrow Root
Close up of the Ele and Arrow Root.

The Bark Cloth is Removed
The bark cloth is now removed from the Upeti.

The Bark Cloth is Stretched
The Bark cloth is smoothed and streched over the Upeti.

The Dye and Ele are Reapplied
The dye and Ele are reapplied to the 2nd layer of bark cloth.


The Bark Cloth is Set
The bark cloth is set in place on the dye covered Upeti.

The 'Elei is Highlighted
After it is removed the 'Elei is highlighted using Mamanu techiniques. After highlighting the 'Elei is left to dry.

The Upeti
The Upeti is the printing plate of 'Elei.

The Holes are Patched
Holes and imperfections in the bark cloth are patched with small pieces of bark cloth. Arrow root again acts as adhesive.

Ele is Applied
Ele (Terra Cotta Clay) is applied to darken and bring out the design. It is grated with a clam shell onto the bark cloth. It is then lightly brushed off with a swab.