Thank you for the many letters we have received. Here are some of them. We would like to encourage everyone to write us with feedback.

Talofa Lava, Tupito

Having a personal interest in the art of Siapo and wanting to share the knowledge with my daughters, I just happened by your site. I was deeply touched to read my Aunti Mary's story in her own words. I am the granddaughter of her sister, Anna Jewett Kemmerer and remember well visiting my Aunti Adeline's home in the states during one of her Mother's visits. I was so impressed to walk in on one of her sessions of teaching this art to her granddaughters. This memory has stayed with me and because of your site I am able to purchase supplies and gain information to pass this knowledge on to my daughters. Much gratitude and many blessings to your continued success in bringing this treasured art form to all!

Alofa tele Christi Kemmerer-Fisher


My name is Katie and I'm 13 years of age and I love your web site. It's really interesting and fascinating. I was just wondering if you have any agencies in New Zealand that I could contact. It would be very appreciated if you could help me because I'm wanting to learn how to design and make a Siapo. Good luck for the future and God Bless !!!!!!!!!!!

Faafetai lava tofa soifua

I was just thrilled to find your site. Kolone Leoso is my great grandmother and I was thrilled to see her picture. Thank you for keeping her legacy alive.


Dawn Leoso Duncan

Dear Tupito,

Thanks for sending the information below - I have since had a look at your excellent Web site. As an islander, I would certainly like to promote it on my Samoan pages and in my monthly Newsletter. Please advise if this is okay with you as I will be more than happy to promote anything that is concerned with our island culture, tribal art, etc.

Thanks again and all the very best with your most important undertaking - it is something that we island people can be proud of and something that needs to be admired and preserved.


Jane Resture

Congratulations on your project. I took "tapa making and painting" from Mary in the "70s" and love the art form as a palagi. Enjoy all the work you are doing to preserve it.

Carole Clausing

How nice you are making this Siapo site. My brother, Doug Owens studied siapo with Mary Pritchard and some other ladies in the 1970s. He was a student at Faga'itua H.S. at the time. Anyhow, I sure will make a link soon to your site. All the best to you,

David "tavita" Owens

Fantastic website!!!! So much information. I live in San Diego, Carlsbad specifically. Is there anywhere to see the process and/or buy Siapo in the area? Are there classes offered and where? Thanks for your contribution to the awareness of the beautiful Samoan culture and faa Samoa.

Lisa Ash

Talofa Lava!

My name is Pita Hayes and I have really enjoyed your website. It is fantastic! The pics of the different siapo designs, the information provided about the Samoan siapo, and the stories are absolutely awesome. I too love the art of siapo and the rich unique culture of our Samoan people.

Soifua......Pita Hayes


Very impressive! I will be ordering as soon as I figure out the piece I want...they all look lovely! This makes my heart smile because I thought the art of siapo making was lost. God bless all of you and the work you all are doing.

Gary Isaia


I love your website!!! It is wonderful. Best wishes on it being successful and that it will teach more people of the wonderful work that Grandma did with all of you women.

God bless...

Linette Hunter

Congratulations on your beautiful and informative web site!

I am fortunate enough to have some older tapa, or Siapo, cloths, and I want to preserve them. I wonder if you mind giving me some information about caring for Siapo, or direct me to a place where I could get information?

My questions are: What is the best way to store and care for Siapo? Is there a way to clean a spot from a Siapo?

Thank you,

Sharon McKenna


Many thanks for the tremendous job you are doing. I admire your interest and vision. The story of Siapo making is a great reminder of the proud heritage and tradition of Samoa. I remember so well those trips to the mountains for u'a and stripping the paogo and laufala.

I especially enjoy reading about the Leone group. I am from Leone and knew many of the ladies in the Siapo group.

God Bless and best wishes for continued success!


Poasa Fa'aita

I'm planning my first trip to Samoa this June. I would be interested in visiting a studio of some sort to see tapa being made. Where in Samoa would I be able to see tapa being made and possibly participate in making in tapa? My hobby is screen printing / fabric design and it would be great to add some serious cultural experience to my trip.

Phillipa Arthur

Talofa Lava Tupito,

I came across your site through aloha tattoos. What an awesome as well as very informative site about siapo. I really enjoyed those "journal" entries from Mary Jewett Pritchard. Really really awesome. Reading her own words and feelings she felt made it very personal and beautiful. I felt as if I were there experiencing those Leone Siapo Sessions along with her. Is there a book out with the same information as your website? If so would you tell me where I could buy one? Again, Great Web Site!


Siana J. Burgess

Hey "Pete",

I absolutely LOVE your siapo website. It was touching to read Grandma's story from her own words, and to learn of those who inspired her legacy. I am so proud of what you've accomplished with your website - it's inspired me to start painting again. I have no doubt it will have the same impact on others as well.



I am a 22 year old product design student at North Carolina State University. As an afakasi, I am very interested in my Samoan heritage. As a design student, I can appreciate well done aesthetics. Your web-site is both. Amazing information and an amazing site. I have been interested in Siapo my whole life and have always wanted to know more about it. I will definitely browse the site and you guys will be getting business from me to show my support. Keep it up and Fa'afetai tele!


Kapielu To'oto'o

Talofa Tupito,

THANKS for the great website and your efforts to uphold the Samoan cultural tradition. Our organization received a request from Pamela who is writing a book in Arizona, requesting some information about the tapa/siapo cloth, in which part of her book is about the Samoan tapa/siapo cloth. It was an honor to share with her your website to help her gain some more information, and our organization will continue to support and share with the public your site when requested. Especially northern California because our agency serve the City and County of San Francisco, and the peninsula area!

Have a great day and God Bless!

M.F. Chester Palesoo Executive Director Samoan Community Development Center (SCDC)

You guys have a great website. I'm glad you started it. Siapo is a very important tradition and you are contributing to it's ongoing legacy. I was wondering if you had any other pictures of Kolone's siapos or of her. She is my great-grandmother and I've never seen any of her work until searching on your website. Thank you for putting this information on there. I have learned so much about her and I have now seen how much talent she had. Again, if you have any other pictures, could you please send them to me.

Thank you,

Chantilly Toelupe


Your website is so awesome! I truly appreciate how much effort you and you families have given to keep this art form alive. It really shows thru the stories written here, the artist profiles, explanation of the process, and even availability of supplies! I am truly proud of you.

I am a Samoan artist myself. I'm born and raised in California, but did live in Leone for a couple years. I specialize in garment design and screen printing, and will be starting my own design line this year. I hope to one day create my own siapo, perhaps with the help of one of your artists out there.

Well, keep up the good work. Your site has definitely encouraged and inspired me to strive forward. Take care and God bless!

Alofa tele,

Jason Pereira jpSouthPacific